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Injection molding creates sharp, clean edges; precise, uniform consistency; and greater thickness for a very stable, sturdy letter.

Injection molded MINNESOTA Letters are based on an all-natural plastic called Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB), derived from cotton and wood fibers making it stronger and more durable than acrylic.

Guaranteed not to fade or break.


Great signs are born when creative know-how is matched by a multitude of choices. Our formed plastic letters offer the greatest variety of dimensional plastic letters available today-from traditional to ornamental and script. Letters are molded with flat, round, prismatic and sculpted faces. Each reflects light in a unique way

Made from the finest non-oil based material, C.A.B. — these letters are guaranteed not to chip, crack or fade.



Metal is as timeless as our need to communicate with words in creating signs.  Each metal letter is precision cast, one-by-one, in aluminum or bronze using up to twenty distinct manufacturing steps. Yet prices remain competitive because our tailor production processes and seasoned professionals.

Our seven metal finishes give you the choice of dazzling shine, brilliant color, or natural and antiquated metal.  Combine these finishes with an extensive selection of letter styles to design signs that reflect your individual image.



Recognize an individual, capture a historic footnote, or dedicate a building - elegantly and permanently - with a metal plaque.



Metal offers a natural style and beauty as ancient as our desire to create.  Each letter is cut to precision in Aluminum, Bronze, Brass, Copper and Steel. These highly engineered manufacturing systems give you the opportunity to cost-effectively add a matching custom rendition of your logo or special graphics.



Acrylic cut-out letters have never looked so good. Our high standards begin with acrylic sheet, readily available in different colors ranging from 1/8" to 3/4" thicknesses.
Laser cutters cut each letter with precision, capturing every detail of the style selected. These manufacturing systems are also ideal for cutting out your  logos and symbols cost-effectively.



The letter that channels light so beautifully just got a whole lot BETTER! Made for L.E.D. or Neon illuination, letters are now available in different styles and different sizes.


Not every sign has a permanent message, but it still needs to look good and be easily read from afar.  Promotional offers change, prices move up or down, movies come and go. Your message needs to attract the attention of each and every passerby — on foot or on wheels!  Signs by Joey offers several different Changeable Copy products that have the versatility to meet your needs. Pronto® Injection Molded letters are designed for ever changing specials and prices. Pronto-Glo®, Brite-Glo®, Slotted A or B and Snap-Lok® are great options for a Theater Marquee look.

PRONTO CHANGEABLE COPY - Clear acrylic injection molded blanks are silk screened with ecologically sound UV inks.


PRONTO GLO REVERSE COPY- Transparent Polycarbonate letter with silk screened black background.

SLOTTED B MARQUEE LETTERS - Injection molded plastic letters with slots cut into the back for use with our slotted track.


SNAP LOK MARQUEE LETTERS - Dimensional vacuum formed plastic letters with hooks on the top and clips on the bottom.

PRONTO CHANGEABLE ACCESSORIES - Pronto track, storage cabinets, change arms and head assemblies.


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